BizX: Business Saving Business

business saving business

The Project

Fearey and BizX collaborated and started a “Business Saving Business” movement to bring together local business owners with advice and innovation ideas for weathering the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Within two months, the group was 2,000 business owners large.

Business owners posting to the organization’s Facebook group have offered free services — everything from corporate videos to vehicle marketing wraps — as well as ideas on transforming from brick-and-mortar entities into virtual ones. Bankers in the group helped businesses obtain necessary funding to keep their companies afloat during the worst economic situation in 100+ years.

Our Results

Media coverage on Business Saving Business was far and wide—from local regional outlets like the The Seattle Times to interviews on the Fox Business Network and more.

Social Media
Facebook is now tracking the group and sharing it with users to build community momentum.

The Result
Thousands of business owners continually sharing advice and tips on how best to manage their company during the worst economic situation of our lifetime.