Evergreen Home Loans #ShowYourKeys

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The Project

Evergreen offers a home buying experience that delivers on time™ and as promised. More recently, Evergreen employed a digital closings platform that gives homebuyers a comparative advantage and further aids in making the typically stressful process of purchasing a home, rewarding and exciting! Homeownership is life changing, and Evergreen wanted to make it worth celebrating.

Evergreen engaged Fearey to tell client success stories in an authentic and interactive way to celebrate customers as they made their home purchase and to support its reputation as a reliable home financing resource in the Western U.S.

Our Results


The Fearey team put their heads together and created the #ShowYourKeys social media campaign. Fearey launched the campaign on Evergreen’s Home Office and Branch Facebook pages and worked with loan officers to encourage customers to participate while Fearey drove awareness online and generated leads through Facebook ad sets. To ensure a cohesive campaign throughout all of Evergreen’s offices, Fearey prepared all the onboarding materials to brief each team, while supporting the marketing department as they created collateral for all loan officers.


  • Built 68 unique branch Facebook pages and generated 18,000 fans for all pages
  • Built a new set of Facebook ads each quarter since 2017 and generated nearly 2,500 leads and true ROI as a result of the campaign
  • Generated more than 5,000,000 total impressions and reached more than 800,000 people across Evergreen’s 68 branch Facebook pages since 2017 via the #ShowYourKeys campaign Facebook ads
  • Organic website traffic saw an increase of 262% since the start of the campaign in 2016