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Aaron Blank
CEO & President
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Public Relations

Public relations is our core, built one conversation at a time. Because relationships matter.

Our Service

Global public relations.

Shaping public opinion used to be simple. You spun your Rolodex to a familiar card, dialed a newsroom, and made a pitch. The sizably staffed outlet would carry your story on the evening news or print it in the morning paper. Your brand would shine as your customer base flourished.

Today, channels and platforms are a dime a dozen, while the staff running them are anything but. Turning a press release into viral soundbites and column inches requires a combination of competence and connections.

After a compelling narrative is established, another factor determines its fate: relationships. Throughout our 40 years of Seattle public relations experience, we’ve built and fostered relationships with journalists, producers, media personalities, and public figures who take our calls with confidence that doing so will make their jobs easier, too.


Public Relations Services