MTA is a leader of technology and telecommunications in Alaska, providing tools and services to businesses and residents since 1953. MTA is also a co-op, which functions with the goal of being a cohesive and unified organization that works together to achieve the common goals of its members. This aspect is why MTA produces an annual report each year to its members, highlighting the various accomplishments on their behalf as well as its goals for the future. During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, MTA decided it needed to rethink how members receive this annual report, which was previously just printed and mailed. MTA recruited its PR/marketing partner Fearey to support with this process in 2021 and given the success of this format and the ongoing nature of the pandemic, MTA decided to make the interactive, media-rich virtual report the norm.



The 2022 report was specifically designed for tactical, tablet-forward interactivity, given that this is how members were consuming this information. This involved working touch first within the scope of the table screen size and orientation ensuring the consumption of the report felt natural on those devices.

Fearey also transformed the report’s visual identity so there were “quick look facts,” presenting high-level info to ensure it’d be easier for members to get the right content for them right off the bat. It was also more colorful and more cohesive with MTA’s brand identity. In terms of messaging, MTA’s 2022 accomplishments and initiatives were all crisply compartmentalized into sections: “Innovate,” “Connect,” and “Empower” – a significant streamlining compared to previous years’ contents which sometimes read more like extended essays.


With its revamped style and presentation, MTA’s 2022 Annual Report saw:

  • A 21% increase in page views and unique 
page views
  • A 34% increase in entrances on pages within 
the report
  • An average of 3 minutes longer spent per member viewing the report

Feedback from both within the MTA organization and its member base was universally positive, with a broad sense that MTA’s storytelling had never been more cohesive and aligned with its own brand identity.

Fearey will continue to work with MTA on ensuring that its annual reports work better for its valued members.

View the MTA 2022 Annual Report