Writing an opinion editorial

by Heidi Happonen

So you have an opinion? You think you’re an expert? You want to share that opinionated expertise with the WORLD!

Chances are if you are a successful leader in any industry, organization or business, you can safely call yourself an opinionated expert. There are a host of avenues available to reach audiences who are eager to hear from you often under the title of “Op-Ed”

Just Google/Bing “Expert Advice” and millions of sites and articles will pop up. Readers are starving for someone who knows more about a topic to share their knowledge.

In a recent Fast Co. article, writer Shane Snow provides some handy tips to remember when contemplating whether to shape your expertise into a short opinion piece.

Distilling the main points of Snow’s piece, there are some great take away’s any CEO or other thought leader should consider when working independently or with a public relations firm to craft a successful Op-Ed.

1. Show some personality in your pitch letter. If your argument for drafting the op-ed is boring, why on earth would any editor want to put a longer version of ‘boring’ in front of readers?

2. Keep it short. Rambling is just laziness (also, it’s boring).

3. Why should anyone care? What makes you an expert? It’s OK to tout your background and credentials. It’s not bragging, if done right.

Most importantly, make it relevant to the audience that reads the outlet you are targeting. And remember, just like in business, persistence is sometimes the best ingredient for success.