Meet the Media: Melissa Larsen, Editor In Chief of Fabulous Media Group

In this edition of Meet the Media, we are getting to know Melissa Larsen, Editor in Chief of Fabulous Media Group. Fabulous Washington is a top-tier lifestyle publication specializing in all the wonderful things The Evergreen State offers to current residents and future visitors. As editor in chief, Melissa chases people-driven stories that highlight the good, as well as letting readers know where to find the best sips, bites and stays.

Additionally, as editor-in-chief, she has grown FMG’s coverage significantly, as they currently have publications in six states, with more on the horizon. Read more about her below:

What was the path to your current career/job?

I always wanted to be a writer in some facet; I was obsessed with magazines from a young age. I studied journalism in school before getting a job as an associate editor at a lifestyle publication and working my way up from there, eventually becoming editor-in-chief.

I joined the Fabulous Media Group team over two years ago and have helped grow the brand from two lifestyle magazine websites to six, including FabWA. We launched FabNV most recently earlier this year.

Which of your stories are you most proud of?

I am proud of any story that spotlights the good within the community, whether it’s a feature on a nonprofit or a person who is making a positive impact. I also love writing about travel, food and design.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Similar to the previous response: shining a spotlight on the good.

What skills have you found to be most useful in your job?

Being detail-oriented and open-minded, as well as highly organized.

What is something unexpected that you have learned from your career?

Geography! Now that Fabulous Media Group has publications in six states, I am learning my way around the West Coast and parts of the Midwest.

What do you look for in a story?

A timely angle and reader service. I put myself in the shoes of the reader. As a reader, what will I gain from taking the time to read this story?

What does your day look like at your job?

I am a mom, so my workday doesn’t begin until the kids are off to school. After squeezing in a walk and some exercise, I check and organize emails. If my emails aren’t read and filed, everything feels scrambled!

I create assignments and edit during the first half of the week, which is when most of the contributors turn in their articles. Then, during the second half of the week, I write and plan ahead for future stories and keep up correspondence. I try to squeeze in another email sweep before finishing up for the day.

In the evening, I will sometimes attend media events on behalf of FMG.

Who do you most look up to in the journalism industry?

I admire anyone who can tell a story beautifully. Those who can truly transport and inspire the reader.

Fill in the blank:

  1. If I am not working, I am…carting my kids around and watching their sporting events. Their social calendar is far more impressive than mine right now.
  2. If I could interview anyone, it would be… Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey  
  3. The last concert I attended was to see… Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Dashboard Confessional
  4. My favorite thing about Seattle is… the dining! I love seafood and particularly enjoy some of Seattle’s pizza joints and bakeries.

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