Wikipedia Guidelines

Why Wikipedia? It’s the fifth most visited website on the earth. Enough said. So how does your firm/client/self get on it? It’s not as hard as you’d think.

The four steps:

  1. Set up an account – Wikipedia advises you NOT to use your full name, company name or client’s name
  2. Start editing your page – Wikipedia advises you to use a Sandbox. It will help with formatting as you start your editing
  3. Write, edit, reference – Wikipedia suggests taking a neutral point of view, include an edit summary, reference everything and then preview your post
  4. Wait.

Here is what to keep in mind. Wikipedia is made up of volunteers. Yes, free labor! So it may take some time for an editor to get to your post. They will hopefully be unbiased and will make fair changes. If they are minor changes and you are pleased, that’s it.

However, if a change is made by someone who is biased and possibly out to get you, then consult an expert and keep monitoring the post. It will become a process but it’s worth it in the end to be on the #5 website on earth.

Just in case you were curious about the top five

Site                                         AnnualVisitors

  1. Facebook.com                    600,000,000
  2. YouTube.com                     490,000,000
  3. Yahoo.com                        450,000,000
  4. Live.com                            370,000,000
  5. Wikipedia.org                     300,000,000