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crafting right crisis message
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Crafting the Right Crisis Message

It’s the second part of Fearey’s Fearless Series on CRISIS. Last time we discussed the elements of every crisis communications plan. Today, we bring you ...
tips 4 better video
Public Relations

4 Tips for Better Video When Working Remote During COVID-19

Video has played a critical role in keeping communities connected as stay-at-home mandates and physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic keep all of us adjusting ...
Advertising Value Equivalent
Advertising Value Equivalent

Measuring PR: why AVEs are invalid

Unless you work in marketing or public relations, you probably have no idea what an AVE is—AVE stands for Advertising Value Equivalent. It’s an equivalency ...
Montana marketing
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The Fearey Group Expands to Include Montana Marketing and Communication Services

Longtime Fearey Director Jacque Seaman to lead local efforts in the state Today, The Fearey Group announced its expansion into the state of Montana, including ...
Visual Content Rules
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The Growing Power of Visual Content

The human attention span is eight seconds. Images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than words. Visual content conveys feelings that facts don’t. ...
Strategic Brand Partnerships

Why Strategic Brand Partnerships Are So Important

Two brands teaming up together isn’t a new concept. We see it every day, from partnerships like Spotify and Uber, to Red Bull and GoPro, ...
Health observances, runners in the Brussels Marathon

Health Observances, Are They News Hooks?

Every day, week and month there is a health observance designated to it—whether regional, national or international.