Kyle Wall

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How to Get Out in Front of Your Crisis

Given how much the term is casually thrown around, a crisis can fall within an enormous range of possibilities, from a minor anxiety attack going ...
Teddy Roosevelt
history of PR

Teddy Roosevelt, Publicist-in-Chief

There are many activities that we always associate with politicians, and presidents in particular: launching broad campaigns to accomplish a major policy priority (think the ...
digital media conferences
best digital media conference

What Are The Best Digital Marketing, PR and Digital Media Conferences In 2019?

Conferences can be a valuable way to learn more about your craft, network with like-minded professionals, hunt for your next job, or strike that big ...
Dr. William Slattery on the set of "A Star is Born"
Team Fearey

House Clinic Doctor Makes Film Debut in "A Star is Born"

William H. Slattery III, M.D. of House Clinic, appears in the much-anticipated Hollywood remake as doctor treating Bradley Cooper’s character’s hearing loss. Los Angeles – ...
Branding + Marketing

5 Things Everyone Should Know About PR

The classic portrayal of PR in film or TV is that of the frantic publicist running around juggling 10 different crises on 10 different phone ...